The Making of an Innkeeper - Peppermills

Just time for a quick entry this afternoon. Business is busy and we are all rushing around, happy to keep our guests happy. I wanted you know about our Peppermill situation. Yesterday our Peppermill broke. Gave up the dust. kaput. nada. gonesky. no more pepper. She's gone by's, the arse is out of 'er! ( that's newfunese, if any of you CFAs are wondering.)

Naturally we needed a new one and we had limited time to go shopping for one so we went to the nearest place there was that sold restaurant supplies. Hmmm not many choices for Peppermills. I searched around for something, anything that could work. Sure enough, leave it to AJ to find the perfect one! Of course it had to be slightly overkill and by slightly I mean way over the top! check out this picture!

I know that some people buy big things because they feel they need to compensate for something but I didn't think AJ would be part of that crowd. Me nerves are shot by's! Anyway when you comes visit please be sure to ask AJ for some fresh cracked pepper from his very large Peppermill. EP

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