Making of an Innkeeper - In Memory of my Pop.

First off. Happy Canada Day, Canada! Happy Memorial day Newfoundland and Labrador!

It's a beautiful day to remember those who served to protect and keep our Country great and the many lives sacrificed at the battle of Beaumont Hamel. My grandfather Adam John (Jack) Wheeler from Tizzard's Harbour was in the the Newfoundland regiment during World war I and was at the battle of Somme. Unlike many other Newfoundlander's, he made it home. He was injured in that battle but not debilitating so, as he went on to live to the wonderful age of 94. He was given a hero's funeral and he is missed. He was very special to me. He gave me my nickname Ick. Apparently I was a fussy eater and didn't like many kinds of food. I only mostly ate Nan's chocolate roll cakes when I visited. That nickname followed me all through school and into my adult life. My friends and family still call me that.

He also told me I was not all bad, only half bad. This was in answer to my question after my Mother said I was bad because I had kicked one of my great aunt's in the shins when she tried to give me a hug. I asked my Pop if he thought I was bad too... and he quickly said... "No, You aren't all bad, you're only just half bad". I was thrilled with that answer, I thought it was the best answer a poppy could have said. I was his favorite and he was mine. When he died, They laid him to wake in his living room, that was tradition back then, I remember going downstairs and curling up on the daybed and sleeping next to his casket each night for 3 days. I adored my Pop. He was a wonderful man. Love you Pop!

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