Making of an Innkeeper- Haire, Hair and Hare!

I've been told not to talk about 'Hair' but I have never been one to listen to common sense. So to be fair, I'm not only going to talk about Hair, I'm going to talk about Haire, Hare and Hair. If anyone knows about the history of Rose Manor Inn, you will know that 14 years ago, Kevin and Lucy Haire started the Inn. Kevin is from Harbour Grace but had left nearly 50 years ago, with no intentions on coming back. Fast forward 40 years to when Kevin met Lucy in Edmonton, Lucy is Italian and from Toronto but when she visited Newfoundland for the first time many years ago, she fell in love with Harbour Grace. Lucy being the strong, determined woman that she is, convinced Kevin to purchase a house but not just any house, a house that was nearly falling down, a house that would become Rose Manor as we know it today. Kevin and Lucy put their blood, sweat and tears into making Rose Manor what it is today.

Therefore I cannot take any credit for the incredible restoration and can only say how blessed we all feel now to own such a historic and significant piece of property and to honour what Lucy and Kevin worked so hard to maintain.

That leads me to the second word word in my 'Haire,Hair and Hare' blog. This one has to do with what the Haire's taught me about HAIR...

Hair is an Innkeeper's worst nightmare. Imagine getting into the shower and finding a hair... only worse, it's not YOUR hair, it belongs to the guest that stayed the night before. Not something you're likely to forget quickly. Here is a little insight into how we keep hair out of our guests rooms. First we vacuum, then we use lint free cloths to mop the floors. Once we feel that we have captured all the possible remnants of the persons before you, we then use special cloths to clean, these cloths are very specific to keeping hair and lint out of the showers and sinks. Once those steps are taken, we then use sticky lint rollers to roll the mattress and each sheet and pillow case individually. Even though they are freshly laundered, we still take every precaution. Of course, we do not live in a sterile environment and life happens but with that said, we want you to know that we are doing our absolute best to give you the service you deserve! While we are on the subject, each glass is replaced and sterilized, before use and as mentioned in a previous blog, we use different cloths for different parts of the rooms. Blue for toilets, red for floors, green for sinks and showers.

Now lastly but not least... the third word in this blog... is HARE...

All summer we have been visited by Mr. Hare. Mr. Hare pops up every once in awhile to remind us of the significance of the word Hare. No matter how you spell it, it all sounds the same. If you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of Mr. Hare while you are visiting Rose Manor. The Irony is probably only significant to us here at the Inn but I thought I would share it with you.

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