Making of an Innkeeper - Travels to Grates Cove Studios

Good May Morning everyone!

Well it looks like spring is finally here, apologies for the last few blog posts that actually mentioned spring being close. I thought for sure back in March and then being fooled again in April. PFFT! What was I thinking?

As usual we are busy preparing for the upcoming season and although, we thought we would have some quiet time to just chill and relax after a very busy year, we have been non stop - steady go. Which, of course, we are so thankful for. We are feeling very blessed and we are super excited about this coming year. YAY!

Over the winter when things did slow down on the accommodation side -we were able to attend some tourism development sessions across the region and got to meet Courtney and Terrance Howell from Grates Cove Studios in Grates Cove. I thought now this is an interesting couple with an interesting story. Courtney being from Louisiana and Terrance being from Newfoundland and both meeting in Korean while they were teaching is such a cool story and the fact that their cuisine in their restaurant reflects this story really gives you those romantic goose bumps like when you watch great love stories on Netflix.

Grates cove has a population of about 200 people and is about a rugged as any place in the Arctic. I have been enjoying visits to this tiny community for a couple of years now and since I have been visiting, I have seen Beluga Whales, Humpback whales, Icebergs the size of buildings, Seals basking on the Ice pans, Eagles, Fox and even Polar Bear tracks. Not to mention a Moose, a Mink and a Beaver. This is an exciting place if you want to capture the rugged beauty of this gorgeous province!

Fast forward to April. With a real need to get away for a night, Aaron and I decided to take a drive up to Grates Cove and walk some of the gorgeous hiking trails along the way. Red Head Cove, the D'Iberville trails and the stunning trails in Grates cove to see the stones walls. When we got to Grates Cove we were about as hungry as two people could be and we stopped in for a bite to eat at Grates Cove Studios Cafe.

I have no words! Just complete and utter awe. I am dumbstruck by the sheer infusion of tastes. A little Creole, a little Korean and a lot of Newfoundland. DELICIOUS! I'm not even kidding. SO many great flavours, herbs and spices. Everything is made fresh right on the premises. I guarantee you haven't tasted seafood prepared their way. I know good food and yes I consider myself a foodie, I was not disappointed. We enjoyed our lunch so much that we decided to spend the night in their lovely vacation home so we could experience more of the incredible dishes prepared by Terrance and Courtney.

I was impressed yet again! This vacation home has THE most fantastic view of the Atlantic. Ocean for as far as the eye can see. Completely unhindered by even the slightest distraction. It is a very large and very pretty home with large, comfortable and cozy rooms. Huge kitchen, huge bedrooms, nice, clean and quaint... but... OOOOhhh that MILLION DOLLAR VIEW!!!! I had one of the best nights sleeps, listening to the wind on the roof and the waves hitting the shore. Just amazing.

I am so proud to share this place with you all. The Baccalieu Trail has some of the most rugged and authentic Newfoundland experiences, not to mention the wonderful people that live here. If you haven't traveled the Baccalieu Trail or made it to the very top, I suggest you do it and soon!

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