Making of an Innkeeper - Why we don't do weddings!

Hi there,

Happy Holloween

It's been awhile. We've been busy and we've just been able to get back to blogging. What a beautiful fall we are having so far!

I want to touch on a touchy, feely topic... Weddings... Why don't we do weddings?...

From the beginning, Rose Manor Inn decided that we were not going to offer wedding packages in our business model.

But Why?... you may ask.

Firstly, I feel that we are not qualified to host the most important day of your life!

Quite frankly that is sincerely one of the biggest reasonings behind the decision.

Because of that we find it very stressful and stress does not make for happy hosts!

I know you probably take it personally when I turn you away and suggest places like

The Doctor's House Inn and Spa. or The Stone Jug or the Admiral's Marina in Harbour Grace, but trust me it isn't you, it's me.

We have different plans for Rose Manor Inn...

With so many requests for weddings we would not get an opportunity to offer what we truly love to do and that is to entertain. We love to tell stories, we love to interact with our guests, we really, truly do!

We are happy to put you up in our Honeymoon suite and feed you lots of goodies, pamper you and treat you like a member of the royal family but we can do without your parents, your entourages, your lieges, your make-up and hair stylists, your aunt's, uncles, grand parents and your great-great grandparents. We'd rather see them at one of our Victorian High Teas, wearing their fascinators and sipping tea from our 100 year old tea cups and tasting a few of our 50 flavours of Tea!

What we want to do is give our guests the best fine dining experience this side of the Avalon, all with white gloves and exceptional service in our Ocean View Dining room with the finest linens and by candlelight.

Unless you are a little more on the rugged side, perhaps you'd rather try the best Lobster Beach Boil up experience that you have ever had. Complete with fresh all you can eat local mussels, salads and desserts, right outside our front door .

Maybe a walk around Harbour Grace's heritage district and tell you stories of when pirates occupied the coast line and invite you to pop into the CONCEPTION BAY MUSEUM to see more of the story.

Don't forget mushroom and berry picking in the fall, nothing like making jam from berries you picked and then spreading it on fresh homemade bread that my Mother used to make! Have you tasted our Chanterelle soup?

Oh goodness and I can't forget to mention our Murder Mysteries! Sold out events 2 years in a row! Best fun you've ever had!

That's what we want to be doing!

If you'd rather explore on your own we can write you an itinerary that will take you around the Baccalieu Trail and tell you about RED HEAD COVE, SALMON COVE SANDS and the Eagles nest trail.

Or GRATES COVE and the STUDIOS that Courtney and Terrance own and operate. How Courtney came here after meeting her Newfoundland husband, Terrance in Korea! How can I not love telling that story. And how about the Beluga that I swam with a couple years ago!

Or tell you about the WOODEN BOAT MUSEUM and how a small group of people got together to preserve the Wooden Boat heritage from completely disappearing.

Or what about the story of growing up on FOGO ISLAND with no indoor plumbing and living off the land or the one about the Infamous pirate Peter Easton or Amelia Earhart or... about the Cod Moratorium, or Gander during 9/11 or how my grand-father (Adam John Wheeler) was one of the '500' in WW1 and how he survived and made it home.

Or how my Grand-Father (Harold Pardy) From Twillingate, NL was one of the most prolific Boat Builders in NL. Or being born in Labrador and growing up with the Inuit.

We have the best of both worlds here at Rose Manor Inn. We have the luxury and comforts of a 5 star Inn but with the warmth and generosity of an outport fishing village.

We want to share all these things with you.

I'll leave you with this famous quote.

"Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life"



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