The Making of an Innkeeper/Reviews

Good afternoon everyone,

Well the weather is true to form for a cold blustery Newfoundland day. Heavy wet snow falling and it's windy too. I am snuggled up doing some social media and thought it would be a great time to catch up on some important topics.

As I was thinking of a topic to discuss with you all, I thought about reviews. As we have just recieved a 9.7/10 from and perfect 10/10 with google, FB and only one average out of almost 200 reviewes on Tripadvisor. Firstly I have to say THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart, Thank you. I cannot express to you, the warmth and heart that I feel for all of you that have visited, stayed, ate, drank and laughed with us over the past few years that we have become owners of this amazing place. Your smiles, cards, gifts, kind words, hugs and general appreciation you should us is always etched forever in our hearts and souls. I love each and every one of you.

As I read every review that is posted, I noticed that we always get 100% for hospitality and cleanliness and experience and I want you to know that you all are the reason why. YOU bring out the best in us. Your kindness, your curiosity, your openness, your sense of adventure and your generosity. My only regret is that I didn't start on this career path 20 years ago!

Now I want to touch on the elephant in the room.

Reviews about Costs. Amongst all of these tremendous, fantastic 100% we have recieved 9.7 or 9.6 or similar...because of the cost of the rooms or experiences...

I want everyone to know that we are very sensitive to your concerns and to your budgets. I hope to explain why we, perhaps, seem a little more expensive than it should. We would never want you to feel as though you are ever taken advantage of or ever feel underappreciated.

1.) The biggest issue is our overhead. It is extremely high. A.) because of the cost of the building itself and it's upkeep. We bought when the market was very high and only 3 years ago. Most people in our industry have much lower overheads and can cut their prices in half.

- cost of living in NL is 30% higher than anywhere else.

2.) Myself and my son (chef) work here full time. We put our heart and soul in everything we do. (Most people in the industry are either retired or have outside jobs and careers, and some are not regulated or licenced)

3.) We offer premium quality organic and local ingredients. We never subsitute. We use ingredients such as handpicked berries, picked by either myself or locals, handpicked wild newfoundland mushrooms and herbs, homegrown herbs and veggies... our dressings are home-made right here at the Inn. We use only olive oils and real butter in our cooking and baking. All our food is from scratch.

I think one of the main reasons why I am addressing this is because of my desire to please and my desire to give you everything you want in order to have the most memorable experience possible and I feel that being unaware of the extras that come with additional costs can effect your overall interpretation of your experience. I hope that understanding the value you receive for your hard earned money will help our guests understand the rating within the review sysyem.

We hope you feel, that despite the slightly higher prices, we go above and beyond to justify them. If you don't feel loved when you leave our Inn, then I have not done my job!

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT KEEPING COSTS DOWN; BOOK DIRECTLY WITH US. ONLINE BOOKING AGENTS CHARGE A 15% COMMISION. By booking directly with us you save that 15% on each night you stay with us. That's an immediate $30-60.00 saving per night!

My goal has always been to gain a score of 10/10 and I feel that the misunderstanding of price is factored in, which doesn't reflect on quality. I think there should be a seperate rating system but who am I to say...

I'm only an Innkeeper. ;)

But I love my job andI love you!

xoxox Erika

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